Havant Borough Council is part of a Legal Partnership with Southampton City Council and Fareham Borough Council.

The Southampton, Fareham and Havant Legal Services Partnership provides specialist and pro-active legal advice to officers at Havant Borough Council. Jo McIntosh is Havant Council’s Chief Legal Officer and Monitoring Officer. Richard Ivory is the Director of the Partnership.

The team does not provide legal support to members or the general public. If you require legal advice the Law Society website provides a database of legal professionals. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Citizens Advice who can provide advice on a variety of issues.

The partnership ensures the legality of all decisions and that both councils are compliant with legislation and government policy, statutory processes, corporate policies, and the council's constitution.

If you require trading standards information, please contact Hampshire County Council by emailing tsadvice@hants.gov.uk. For any other enquires please contact the HBC Customer Services Team.

We work closely with Democratic Services, find out more about Committee structures, forward plans, meetings and recent/forthcoming decisions.

If you are entering into a legal agreement with either council that does not have an individual contract, you will be agreeing with our standard terms and conditions.

If you have received notification of any court proceedings, you should use the contact details on the covering correspondence.

Role of the Monitoring Officer

The Monitoring Officer is responsible for reporting breaches or possible breaches of the law or maladministration to the council. The Monitoring Officer also works closely with the council's Chief Executive to assist in the role of promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct and probity within the council.

If you wish to complain about the conduct of an elected member, please see information on councillors conduct. 

The Monitoring Officer also helps to maintain the council's high standard in public life and good ethical behaviour.

You can contact the Monitoring Officer for Havant Borough Council by phone on 023 9244 6228.