Local Authority search

A Local Authority search is a service for people purchasing or re-mortgaging a property or land within the Havant Borough who want to find out information that may affect it.

It is designed to protect potential purchasers of the land or property and will tell them about any existing agreements and restrictions (called 'Charges') which might affect their decision to go ahead with the purchase.

The first part of the search - the LLC1 form - will reveal all the charges registered against the property, for example Conditional Planning Permissions and Tree Preservation Orders. 

These charges are binding on successive owners of the property or land.

The second part of the search - the CON29 form - will provide other relevant information held by various departments of the council such as Local Plan information, nearby road schemes and notices etc. under the Planning Acts.

Personal search

A personal search provides access to the information held on the local land charges register but no official certificate of search.

We no longer accept and return any Personal Search requests via email.  

Please Note: Havant Borough Council made the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan on 22 September 2021. The neighbourhood plan now forms part of the statutory development plan for Havant Borough. The plan has therefore become part of the council’s statutory development plan.

Local land charges register

The local land charges registers are now available to view via our online portal.

We strongly advise you to use the guidance notes to navigate the portal.

If you have any queries or feedback, please contact the team via email landcharges@havant.gov.uk or phone 01235 422581.