On-Street Parking Enforcement

From 1 April 2023, responsibility for on-street parking enforcement will return to Hampshire County Council. 

From this point all aspects of on-street parking across Hampshire will be under the direct management of HCC. 

What does this mean for residents living in Residential Parking Zones? 

From the date of transfer, people with existing on-street residents’ parking permits will need to renew their permits, but only once they have expired, with Hampshire County Council via an online permit system, MiPermit. New permits will be digital, rather than paper based, with current permits remaining valid until the date of their expiry. Hampshire County Council will be writing to residents who currently have permits living in residential parking zones in March to provide information about these changes and how to apply for their new permit. 

No action is required from residents until they need to apply for a new permit, or renew their existing permit – all existing permits will remain valid until the stated expiry dates. 

Residents’ parking permit charges will generally remain at the same price as currently charged by each district and borough for 2023-24. 

Responsibility for off-street car parking will remain with district/borough councils.

What are the benefits to residents? 

All new permits issued by Hampshire County Council will be digital allowing residents to apply through an app, online, or over the telephone. Residents will be able to activate visitor permits and make changes, such as updating their vehicle details, themselves without having to contact HCC. A directly controlled and operated service will provide a consistent approach across the county for residents who live in areas that require an on-street parking permit. 

For more information on Hampshire County Council’s parking services visit: