Equality and diversity

Equality means treating all people with fairness, decency and respect. Diversity is recognising difference and striving to meet people’s different needs in a positive way.

The council’s statement of commitment towards equal opportunities and diversity is as follows;

“Our mandate is to build a safe, just, tolerant and equal society for everyone in the Borough. All councillors, employees and those acting on behalf of the council are responsible for implementing our Comprehensive Equality Policy and have a continuing duty to challenge discrimination”.

Comprehensive equality policy

Our comprehensive equality policy reflects the public sector equality duty. The duty requires us to publish information regarding local equality issues and set equality objectives.

Each report that goes before a committee of the council has a summary of impact on staff and communities. If you require more information, please contact the author of the report in the first instance.

You can find out more about our communities in Havant by reading the following document:

Violence and agression policy

This policy outlines the Council’s approach for managing the risk of violence and aggression to staff. We understand that sometimes, due to individual circumstances, our customers won’t always be polite and calm when they call or visit the council, however the council supports the right for a member of staff to politely end an abusive call or to ask a visitor to leave the councils premises.

We are committed to supporting any employee who suffers violence or aggression during, or arising out of, their work duties.

Gender pay gap

As a result of the Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017, employers with 250 or more employees are now required to publish statutory gender pay gap calculations annually.

Staff profile

The information published is a snapshot of our overall workforce, taken on the 31 January 2018.