We have put together a list of links and other information to help you with the process.

Register to vote

You can register to vote online, in your own home at: Register to vote - GOV.UK

If you do not have a computer at home or need assistance in registering online, you can use one of the public computers at the council offices. There are also people that can help you at the council offices and help you to register to vote or apply for other things like a voter authority certificate.

If you need somebody to help you, call the elections team on 02392 446225 or email election.office@havant.gov.uk

The Electoral Commission has worked in partnership with Mencap to produce an easy read guide to help electors understand how voting works.

If you require additional help with the process of registering to vote an easy read guide has been produced: Easy Read Guide to Registering to Vote (pdf 1.55 mb).

Voting at the Polling Station

All our polling stations are accessible and have ramps where needed. 

You will find chairs in the polling station that you can sit on if you need to rest before casting your vote.

Ask one of the polling station staff if you need assisting casing your vote.

There is also additional help available to you if you are visually impaired. You will find large print ballot papers and tactile voting devices for your use.

If you wear a face covering, you will be asked to remove it to check your photo ID is a true likeness. Don’t worry, we have privacy screens available in all polling stations and a female member of staff will assist you. Alternatively, if you would prefer not to go to a polling station to vote, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote. You can find information on postal and proxy voting at: How to Vote.

You do not need photo ID to vote by proxy, however, the person you trust and appoint to vote on your behalf as a proxy will need to show their photo ID at the polling station.

You can watch a short video on our YouTube channel:

Voter ID (Voter Authority Certificate)

If you want to vote in person at a polling station, you will need to have an acceptable form of photo ID.

Tailored resources to support people who are likely to need support people to understand and apply for photo ID can be found at:

Postal Voting

You can watch a short video on how to complete your postal vote on our YouTube Channel:

If you need help to fill out your postal vote, you can ask someone you know or get independent help by calling the helpline on 02392 446225. The person helping you must not tell anyone how you voted.

Voters with a disability

Voters with disabilities can now receive extra support at polling stations and anyone over the age of 18 can now act as a companion for a voter with a disability.

Please let the polling station staff know if you need any additional support to be able to exercise your right to vote.

For example, if you need:

  • Someone to read out the candidates on the ballot paper
  • To be shown a large print ballot paper
  • To use the Tactile Voting Device
  • Someone to help mark the ballot paper with your choice, either a person accompanying you or the polling station staff
  • To be assisted in moving around the polling station

If you would like to make a request before polling day for additional equipment or support in your polling station, please email elections.office@havant.gov.uk

Useful links

Young Voters

If you are aged 16 /17 years old, you may be eligible to register.  You will not be able to cast your vote until you are 18 years old though.

The Electoral Commission aim to support young people to get the knowledge they need to feel confident to cast their vote and to get involved in democracy.

You can find resources for young people on the Electoral Commissions website.