Data protection

You have the right to apply for a copy of the personal information we hold about you under the Data Protection Act.

How do I request information?

If you want to know the personal information held about you by Havant Borough Council you should provide the information listed below in writing.  Please email or write to:

Data Protection Officer, Havant Borough Council, Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX.

  • Full name and any former names
  • Full postal address (if less than 2 years at current address also former addresses)
  • Telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • List any specific service areas for which data is required
  • Proof of identity (passport, driving licence, utility bills etc)

CCTV footage

You can apply for CCTV footage of you to be released under the Data Protection Act. Reasons for footage to be released include to assist with criminal proceedings, or to resolve insurance claims after road accidents.  For CCTV requests provide the time of the incident and details so that the right event/individual can be identified.

What happens after I request access to my information?

We will work with you to make the request reasonable so you can access the information which is most important to you. We will ask questions to identify what information you require and what your connections are to it.

We may also ask you to provide further proof of identification. It is important that we do not send personal data to someone pretending to be you, so please do not be offended if we ask for ID. It means we are looking after your data carefully and checking it goes to the right person.

In all cases, we are required to respond within 1 month of receiving your full request, either with the information required, or with an explanation of any delays.

What can we tell you?

You are entitled to be told whether we are using your personal data, or someone is doing so on our behalf.

You can then be given a description of the data involved; why it is being processed; who it may be disclosed to; the source of the information and the logic behind processing the information.

If no data is held, or the data falls into a category which is exempt from disclosure, you will be notified in writing.

What can’t we tell you?

We may not be able to release some data to you, such as personal data which could prejudice the prevention or detection of crime; legal advice we have been given, or personal data identifying another person without their permission.

We’re not obliged to comply with a request which simply states "I want everything the council holds on me.”

We will also not discuss other people’s details with you, without written and signed authorisation from that person if they are not present.

To discuss someone else's details with you, we will need this signed permission, or a valid legal document such as a power of attorney.

How to report a data breach

To report a data breach, please email or write to the Data Protection Officer, Havant Borough Council, Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX.

Times we may give your information away

Sometimes we can, or have, to release information about you to our partners, or other professional organisations. Solicitors may request information for legal proceedings, or the police may make a request to prevent or detect crime.

You can find out how we process personal data by reading our Privacy notice.


If you have any worries or questions about how your personal information is handled, please contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues or complaints, you can go to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website: or email or telephone 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 (national rate).