The council has made a commitment to address the climate crisis. 22% of UK carbon emissions come from domestic energy consumption – heating and lighting homes.

Reducing energy demand saves money, and helps tackle climate change by reducing green house gases. Lowering energy demand also makes your home more thermally comfortable - warmer in winter and cooler in summer

The council has two key initiatives to address home energy efficiency.

1) Havant Borough Council is working with housebuilders to build homes for the future that protect the climate by being energy efficient

2) Promoting installation of energy efficiency measures for existing homes such as:

  • retrofitting (installing insulation)
  • low-carbon heating systems
  • using smart meters to monitor and reduce energy demand

Warmer Homes

Havant Borough Council is working with Warmer Homes.

The Warmer Homes programme is funded by the department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery programme (GHGLAD).

Warmer Homes manage the scheme, including customer services and enquiries on behalf of Havant Borough Council.

You can get support with costs if:

  • your home has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F or G
  • you have a total household annual income of £36,000 or less
  • you receive a means-tested benefit (child tax credits, housing benefit, jobseekers allowance etc)

To speak to Warmer Homes, please email or phone 0800 038 5737 (freephone).

If you don’t qualify

If you don’t qualify, it is still a good idea to consider investing in energy saving measures for your home.

In all cases, the contract for installation of energy efficiency measures is between the householder and the company undertaking the work.

You should be satisfied that the work proposed is appropriate for your home, and you receive warranties to cover installation and reparations if problems occur.

The advice to residents is to check the contract carefully.