Building regulation inspections

To help your project achieve compliance with building regulations, you will need to contact the building control service at various stages to arrange to have the work inspected. This is a legal requirement.

Once you have submitted your building regulations application, we will send you or your agent acting on your behalf an inspection service plan which will tell you what inspections are required.

Inspection service plan

This inspection service plan will include the start and completion date of the works and at what stages you need to contact us.

Where the project is a new build or an extension, it will also include inspection of the foundations before concreting. Various other stages will also be stated on your inspection plan.

Frequency of inspections

The scope and frequency of inspections carried out will be determined by a variety of different factors such as the complexity of the project, the construction methods used and how long the project will take.

When to book an inspection

Inspections should be booked one day before they are required.

Inspections booked at shorter notice, where possible, will be carried out, as long as the notification is received no later than 10am on the day it is required. This excludes Bank Holidays and weekends.

To book an inspection, please phone 023 9244 6571.

It is important that all stages identified on the inspection plan are notified to the council. If they are not, the council may not be able to issue a completion certificate for the works, which is an important legal document you may need.