There are two types of building regulation approval.

Full plans

With this method you submit detailed drawings of the proposed work and we check them to ensure they meet building regulations. We will consult authorities such as fire and sewerage where necessary.

Where the drawings don’t meet the building regulations standards we will liaise with you or your architect to advise on what doesn’t meet the regulations so that you have the opportunity to change the designs so that they are right.

Once the drawings meet the building regulations we issue an approval notice, which may contain conditions that you have to adhere to.

Site inspections are undertaken when work commences to ensure that the proposed work is constructed in accordance with the approved plans and complies with the Building Regulations.

Building notice

This is a written notice that you intend to carry out building work and there is no requirement to have a formal approval of the plans.

It is suitable for small scale works and projects where the builder has a good knowledge of building regulations and does not require the drawings to be checked in detail.

This option can be used for all work other than for buildings affected by a public sewer, or where mandatory means of escape regulations apply, or for which a certificate under the Fire Precautions Act is required.

This generally means that work relating to work places where persons are employed cannot be carried out under a Building Notice.

If the work involves an extension or a new building then a site plan and drainage plans are necessary.

Under this option the council can ask for further information on the construction at any time. 

As there is no formal approval process for a building notice you can start work 48 hours after submitting your application.

Apply for building regulation approval

The quickest and easiest way to make a building regulation application is online, you can also make an application by email or post.

You will also need to pay a fee with your application.

Starting the building work

Once a building regulation application has been submitted, you can normally start work 48 hours after notifying building control of your intended start date.

However, if your application is a full plans type, then any works you carry out on site that are subsequently found to be incorrect upon a plan examination will have to be corrected.

If a planning application is also necessary, then work should not commence until this is obtained.

It is an offence to carry out works that are subject to building regulations without submitting an application.

Building regulation appeals

If the council issues a rejection notice or imposes conditions on a conditional approval notice, it will tell you why.

If you are unhappy or unclear about the reasons for the rejection notice or the conditions imposed, please contact the case officer who processed your application.