Statement of accounts

Each year we produce a statement of our accounts that we publish online before 30 September. External auditors look at the accounts before we publish them and you can question them about their findings.

We also have to review the effectiveness of our governance framework each year, an exercise that involves teams across the council.

Latest year

Announcement on the publication and inspection of the accounts for 2019-20.

The council would ordinarily be required to publish a 'notice' of the public inspection of the accounts at the end of May, with the inspection period commencing in the first week of June for a six week period.

As a result of the impact of coronavirus on local authorities priorities, operations and resources the Government has revised the regulations which now allow for the council’s public inspection period to be delayed to no later than the first week in September.

This council’s public inspection period will not be commencing in the first week of June. It is planned to begin in July.

Once the actual period of public inspection has been agreed a further announcement will be made in advance of the formal Notice being published.

Lydia Morrison - Chief Finance Officer and Director of Corporate Services

Published: 22 May 2020

Final accounts from previous years

Alternatively a hard copy can be obtained free of charge by emailing