Performance and strategy

This part of the web site contains policies and strategies which the council has produced that have a direct impact to delivering services to the residents, businesses and visitors of the borough.

Many documents in this section result from government legislation.

Corporate strategy

The corporate strategy sets out what the council's role is, where we will be directing our efforts and what we hope to achieve to improve the quality of life across our district.

Annual report

Every year Havant Borough Council produces the annual report which highlights the council's achievements over the last financial year.

The report looks at the council's vision for the future as well as other informant areas such as financial sustainability, economic growth and public service excellence.

Other performance and strategy documents


Business plan overview 2018-19

The council’s business plan sets out the council’s mission in shaping council services, ensuring communities of Havant are increasingly prosperous, vibrant and active.

Car parking aims and strategy

The aims and policies which show how we manage the car parking service provided by the council for its car parks.

Customer excellence standards

Using insight and linking services the council provides will shape an excellent and efficient service that suits our customer needs. Focus on a positive customer experience, develop services that are fit-for-purpose, reduce waste, duplication, repeated customer contact, by getting it right first time.

Energy strategy 2016-20

This document provides a strategic framework to deliver energy projects across Havant Borough over the next 5 years. The energy strategy for Havant Borough sets out the direction of travel to improve energy security, reduce fuel poverty and maximise economic benefits.

Flood and coast defence policy

A policy statement prepared by Havant Borough Council to provide a public statement of the council's approach to flood and coastal defence in its area.

Licensing policy

Havant's policy in respect of the Licensing Act 2003

Marketing strategy 2012-17

Meeting local needs and delivering value for money; five year plan.

Peer review report

A peer review is a proven tool for improvement and a valuable part of a council's drive to improve its performance in tough times. A team of people – who understand the pressures and challenges of running a local authority – review the practices of your authority in a challenging but supportive way.

This process allows a constructive discussion of your authority’s strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations of how improvements can be made. In January 2014 a Local Government Association (LGA) Peer Review team came into Havant Borough Council to get an understanding of how the Council operates.

The Peer Review provided feedback to the Council on areas of success and how it might improve in others.

Residents survey 2016

The Residents survey was sent out to 3500 randomly picked residents during February 2016. The questionnaire was designed to measure how well we are doing as a council in the eyes of our residents and to give us a benchmark from which we can improve.