Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule

Community Infrastructure Levy - Charging Schedule

Development Type CIL Rate (£ per square metre)
Residential* (one dwelling or more)
- Emsworth and Hayling Island
- Rest of Borough **
Retail- Town centre
- Out of centre > 280 sq m
- Out of centre < 280 sq m
Community uses

* The residential rate excludes extra care housing.
** The charging zone boundaries are shown below

The town centre boundaries are shown in the map booklet.

How will the levy be charged?

The levy is charged in pounds (£) per square metre on new floorspace (measured as gross internal area) of any type of development which has a CIL rate set in the Charging Schedule. In Havant, the CIL rate applies to new residential and retail development.

CIL Calculator

A tool to provide an indicative values of potential CIL Liability, however the final figure will need to be agreed with Planning Services. The figures provided by the CIL Calculator have a base date of 1 August 2013.  Indexation will apply to all permissions issued after 2013.