Budgets and spending

Annual Governance Statement 2017-18

Each year the council is required to produce an Annual Governance Statement (AGS) which describes how its corporate governance arrangements have been working.

The council also publishes an Annual Report which provides further information on the opportunities and challenges faced by the council.

How we are funded 2018-19

The council gets its funding from these areas and distributes Council Tax payments accordingly:

Funding sources Millions £
Council Tax 8.088
New homes bonus 1.788
Releases from reserves -0.019
Revenue support grant 0.290
Retained business rates 2.943
Section 31 grants 1.082
Other general government grants 2.205
Sales - Fees and charges 5.710
Sales - Commercial enterprises 2.391
Total 24.478
Council tax distribution Percent
Hampshire County Council 73.1%
Hampshire Police & Crime Commissioner 10.8%
Havant Borough Council 12.1%
Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority 4%