Unilateral Undertaking - Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy

The Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy (SRMS) uses a sliding scale to calculate the SRMS contribution for new residential development built within 5.6km of the coastline. The contribution is calculated on the number of bedrooms per individual dwelling.

Table A provides details of the 2020/21 rates (including the council’s monitoring and administration fee).

Table A

Number of bedrooms Amount 5% monitoring fee Administration fee Total
1 £356 £17.80 £23 £396.80
2 £514 £25.70 £23 £562.70
3 £671 £33.55 £23 £727.55
4 £789 £39.45 £23 £851.45
5+ £927 £46.35 £23 £996.35


A development of four dwellings comprising two 2 bedroom dwellings and two 3 bedroom dwellings would be calculated as follows:

2 x £514 = £1028
2 x £671 = £1342
Subtotal:  £2370
5% monitoring fee £118.50
Admin fee £23.00
Total: £2511.50

The financial contribution must be secured by a legal agreement confirming that the above financial contribution will be paid. This legal agreement will either be included within the S106 agreement or, for smaller schemes, collected via a Unilateral Undertaking (UU). In the case of UU, payments must be made before permission is granted or in the case of Prior Approval applications prior to work commencing, although in this case we would encourage applicants to complete a UU in advance of the decision.

Where planning permission is refused, and the financial contribution has been paid in advance of the grant of permission, the council will endeavour to refund the contribution (less the £23 admin fee) after the expiration of the six months following the Council’s decision to refuse permission.


The Chichester and Langstone Harbours together with Portsmouth Harbour, Solent and Southampton Water have been internationally recognised as Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and have significant legal protection as a result. Research has shown that population increases through new housebuilding will impact on the bird populations of the SPAs. As a result, mitigation measures are needed in order to continue granting planning permission for residential development in Havant Borough.

The Solent Local Authorities formed the Solent Recreation Mitigation Partnership (SRMP) in order to develop a strategy which would help protect the SPAs while continuing to permit residential development. Whilst the Solent Recreation Mitigation Strategy was being put together, the Interim Mitigation Strategy was developed and implemented. Additional information is available on the Bird Aware Website.