Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) allow the Highways Authority to impose restrictions on things such as speed of traffic and parking.

The council has delegated powers from Hampshire County Council to introduce TROs for parking restrictions. These are legal orders enforceable by law.

New requests

New requests will be investigated initially to assess the extent of the reported problem. If it is evident that a problem exists we will add the location to our waiting list to be considered for a future works programme.

If our initial assessment concludes that there is no sustainable case for a TRO we will inform you that no further action will be taken.

Current proposals

Bulbeck Road and Meridian Centre, Havant: off-street parking places order

Emsworth House Close, Spring Gardens, Tower Street, Victoria Road and Washington Road

Comment on a proposal

You can submit a comment on any current TRO proposal.