There but not there project

A successful application to the national ‘There But Not There’ project has enabled Havant Borough Council to provide 15 community groups with a clear, seated silhouette figure, one of hundreds being installed across the country to remember the fallen.

The project started in 2016 with the installation of 51 silhouettes at a local church in Kent. The impact was huge and as a result will be rolled out across the country. 

Across Havant Borough the silhouettes will be installed in a variety of community buildings and open spaces as a reminder of local people who left for war but did not return home.

Each one will be looked after by a local community group who will also research and share a local story about their area in the war time.

Another aspect of this project will include a 6ft ‘Tommy’ sculpture being installed at the front on the Public Service Plaza, close to the flagpole.