Support for residents

A helpline has been set up to assist vulnerable people who have been affected by coronavirus. If you are struggling to get the food, medicine or essential supplies you need for yourself or for your family, call the helpline for advice and support.

Coronavirus support helpline

Hampshire Coronavirus Support and Helpline - 0333 370 4000

Please note the service is for people currently residing in the county of Hampshire. If you are a resident of Southampton, Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight, and call the number above, you will be signposted to their respective local support numbers.

Extension of furlough scheme

The coronavirus job retention scheme has been extended until 30 September 2021.

Self-employed income support scheme

Self-employed people will be able to claim a fourth grant through the self-employed income support scheme.

Applications are due to open in late April.

Visiting people in care homes

Care home residents are now allowed one regular visitor.

Please contact the relevant care home to find out how you can arrange to visit.

Recreation and exercise

You are now allowed to leave home for recreation and exercise outdoors with your household or support bubble, if you are eligible for one, or with one person from outside your household.

The NHS coronavirus vaccine

The NHS has already made an excellent start to rolling out coronavirus vaccines to more than three quarters of a million people who need them most. The vaccine has been delivered in hundreds of hospital hubs, local GP-led services and care homes, at the same time as providing care to all those who need it and the rising number of coronavirus cases.


Discretionary housing payment extension

Discretionary housing payments are an extra award of financial help, that can be awarded for a short period to help you out of a difficult financial situation.

Test and trace support payment

In some circumstances, if you are told by NHS test and trace to self-isolate from the 28 September 2020, you may be supported by a payment of £500, payable from Havant Borough Council.

Jobs and training 

We want to help make sure everyone has the support they need. This page shows where you can get help if you have found yourself in difficult circumstances relating to employment and finding work.

  • Lifetime skills guaranteed - free college courses valued by employers. Entitlement to flexible loans allows you to take courses in segments, providing you with the opportunities to retain and enhance your skills.