Supplementary planning documents

Development plan

The Development Plan for Havant Borough is made up of:

Neighbourhood plans and village design statements

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced in the Localism Act (November 2011), to enable local communities to take more control over planning for development in their areas.

Neighbourhood planning is designed to be a positive process, aimed at planning for new development to meet local needs.

It cannot be used to stop development in an area, but it can help to shape and guide where development is located.

The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) has produced a number of helpful publications on neighbourhood planning.

The Local Plan can also included Neighbourhood Plans developed by the local communities - at present the borough has one designated forum and one designated area and this is for Emsworth

Local communities can also prepare a Village Design Statement, these are used as material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Other material considerations

Supplementary Planning Documents form part of the Local Development Plan and Other Planning Policy Documents.

They may cover a range of issues (thematic or site specific) which provide further details to policies in Development Plan Documents (DPD).

They will not go through independent examination but will be subject to community consultation.