Street name and numbering

Street name and numbering is a statutory function of Local Authorities under the powers of various Acts including Sections 17 and 18 of the Public Health Act 1925.

Street names and numbers for residents

Recently moved to a new house but not keen on its name? Or maybe you’ve lived in a home for years and you want to give it a name?

For just £100 you can, add, change or remove a name for your property.

You must be the owner of the home or have permission of the homeowner (no prank namings here, thanks).

Changes are normally completed within 30 days, so if you’re renaming your home as an anniversary present, please allow plenty of time.

Street names and numbers for developers

Havant Borough Council has responsibility for the allocation of postal addresses for commercial and residential developments.

Once agreement has been made with Royal Mail, the council will inform the emergency services and all borough council services.

The whole process may take up to six months as name changes and new addresses need to be processed on external databases.

To make an application (residential or development), please complete the street name and numbering form.