Community Infrastructure Levy Spending Bid Process 2019-20

How do you bid?

Annual bidding and decisions are taken on the spending of CIL towards new infrastructure each year. We anticipate that we will next be inviting new CIL bids from community groups and other stakeholders between Friday 28 June and Friday 9 August 2019. Further advice on the bidding process can be sought by emailing or telephoning 023 9244 6545.

More details of the funds available will be announced in advance of 28 June.

What happened in the last round of CIL spending?

Papers were taken to Cabinet on 13 February 2019 and a decision on the bids submitted was taken at the Full Council meeting on 27 February 2019.

Who can bid?

Bids can be submitted by Havant Borough Councillors, community groups and infrastructure providers.

If you are unsure of which of the forms best suits your bid please email or call 023 9244 6545 for advice.

What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is defined in pages 9 and 10 of the CIL Charging Schedule.

What type of Infrastructure will the council consider funding?

The Regulation 123 List is an indicative list which sets out those infrastructure projects that Havant Borough Council may wholly or partly fund by CIL. 50% match funding is required for bids made under the Neighbourhood Portion.

How will the council consider my bid for CIL Funding?

After the closing date of 9 August 2019, bids will be considered in accordance with the CIL Funding Protocol 2017.

The bids are timetabled to be taken to Council on 26 February 2020.

What expenditure of CIL funds has been agreed to date?

Full details can be found on our Community Infrastructure Levy spending decisions page.