Community infrastructure levy spending bid process

CIL funding is allocated separately for Strategic Infrastructure (the majority of CIL collected) and for Neighbourhood Portion (15% of CIL collected).  Usually a spending round will take place annually for each of these pots, with a decision in February alongside the budget.  The Council’s CIL Funding Decision Protocol is currently under review with regards to future CIL spending.

Strategic CIL

Due to the uncertainties around Strategic CIL income as a result of Covid-19, Cabinet agreed on 1 July 2020 to postpone the next allocation of strategic CIL until February 2022, this is however subject to resourcing and may be delayed due to the Local Plan Examination.

Neighbourhood Portion

As part of the Council’s CIL Funding Decision Protocol Review, we are also reviewing how the Neighbourhood Portion is distributed. Please revisit this page for updates.

What expenditure of CIL funds has been agreed to date?

Full details of past funding decisions can be found on our Community Infrastructure Levy spending decisions page.