SHLAA 6th edition

This provides the details of all sites considered to offer potential for five or more dwellings. Maps are also included showing the sites’ locations.

This contains information pursuant to the original study methodology and consultation. It also includes information about calculating the likely potential of each site and the housing market. In addition, it separately lists all those sites considered, but deemed unsuitable, for listing as potential housing supply, along with the reasons why.

Area maps

All maps are in pdf format - some maps are very large and may take some time to open

Appendix 1: Part one

Map Number Area
1 Cowplain and Wecock (pdf 909kb)
2 Waterlooville and Purbrook (pdf 886kb)
3 Leigh Park (pdf 871kb)
4 Widley and Bedhampton (pdf 861kb)
5 Havant and Leigh Park (pdf 337kb)
6 Emsworth (pdf 825kb)
7 Hayling Island (pdf 227kb)

Appendix 1: Part two

Map Number Area
1 Cowplain and Wecock (pdf 1010kb)
2 Waterlooville (pdf 887kb)
3 Waterlooville and Purbrook/Stakes (pdf 818kb)
4 Leigh Park (pdf 901kb)
5 West Leigh and Denvilles (north) (pdf 848kb)
6 Emsworth (north) (pdf 754kb)
7 Widley and Crookhorn (pdf 848kb)
8 Bedhampton and Leigh Park (south) (pdf 953kb)
9 Havant and Leigh Park (south) (pdf 987kb)
10 Denvilles (south) and Emsworth (south) (pdf 902kb)
11 Havant and Langstone (pdf 762kb)
12 Hayling Island (north) (pdf 848kb)
13 Hayling Island (central) (pdf 473kb)
14 Hayling Island (south) (pdf 848kb)
15 Hayling Island (south east) (pdf 579kb)