Hayling Island has been a popular destination for over a century.

The seafront has a heritage rich in watersports and it offers a high-quality natural environment. The local tourism sector has great potential to contribute to the local economy, attracting significant visitor spend and supporting over 4,500 jobs across the Borough, while the staycation market provides another fantastic opportunity to support a vibrant economy.

Havant Borough Council has worked with local residents, businesses and a range of other key stakeholders to develop and deliver ambitious and exciting plans to enhance the seafront and create an inspiring destination.

The new approach to managing the seafront will improve the quality of the resident and visitor experience. It will explore opportunities to grow niche markets - such as watersports and activity holidays - improve access to the beach, including enhancements to the Billy Trail, strengthened connections across the seafront via new and enhanced cycle and walking routes facilitated by clear wayfinding signage.

We want to encourage quality development and the creation of new facilities, including an improved leisure offer and a stronger commercial proposition – one that is sustainable in the long term and supported by a clear brand and identity. We want to protect and enhance the precious natural environment, ensuring that Hayling Seafront remains happy, healthy and vibrant for the generations to follow.

The Ambition document identifies three areas for regeneration activity:

West Beach

Key principles have been developed for West Beach to become a focus for nature and activities:

  • A quiet, open and natural area, preserving and enhancing the existing character. Interventions will be subtle and modest, embedded within the environment of an aesthetic wild landscape.
  • An innovative ‘Blue Park’, allowing greater access to water-based activities whilst protecting the environment and building on the history of watersports on the island.
  • A hub for health and well-being, enabling people to experience and understand what is special about the natural environment through a broad range of outdoor activities. Provision of an alternative experience to the typical tourist offer, as well as an excellent facility for residents.
  • Introduction of artwork along the beach front and nature walks, referencing the island’s history and the natural environment. Incorporation of art within visual screens and berms to screen parking, creating a more positive interface with the beach.
  • A multi-generational experience where people can come together and socialise and immerse in the natural beach front environment.


Key principles have been developed for Beachlands that set it as a focus for community and leisure:

  • Creation of an arrival experience that connects Hayling Island with the beach, becoming a destination.
  • Provision of a new flexible public space for local markets, events, outdoor seating and views of the sea.
  • Extension of the public realm across Sea Front, creating an improved gateway to the beach and a pedestrian friendly environment.
  • A formal section of the beach front walk interacts with the proposed public space, with a feature groyne making the seafront accessible to all.
  • Beyond areas of activity, the beach front walk changes character to reflect the changing environment along the beach.
  • Potential small-scale and family friendly over-night or short stay opportunities overlooking the beach.
  • Potential provision of an amphitheatre as a multi-functional space.
  • A co-ordinated approach to beach huts, including maximising sea views.


Key principles have been developed for Eastoke that set it as a destination for both leisure, heritage and culture, building on previous public realm improvements and existing events:

  • Extending the public realm to provide a greater space for outdoor entertainment and events, providing new public seating and creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment, reducing the presence of cars.
  • Provision of outdoor kiosks, creating the opportunity for a variety of food, drink and retail offerings.
  • Provision of a new beach bar or restaurant to help to create a relaxing beach environment that spills into a new outdoor activity space and onto the beach.
  • Incorporation of toilet facilities as part of a new tourist and visitor centre, which creates a new frontage onto Sea Front and a space for outdoor activities.
  • New high quality residential, creating new frontage at the junction of the Sea Front and Rails Lane.