These are opinions issued by the planning authority under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.

A screening opinion states whether the Authority or Secretary of State considers that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be submitted for a future or current development proposal.

A scoping opinion refers to the range of issues which the Authority or Secretary of State considers should be contained in an EIA. 

An EIA is subject to consultation with the Environment Agency and Natural England. Further information about what EIA is and the process that we have to follow is available on the Planning Practice Guidance.

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2024 Proposals    
42 North Street, Havant PO9 1PT (Secretary of State - Screening Opinion) Opinion Letter (PDF 120kb) 29 May 2024
2023 Proposals    
Land at 93 Winterslow Drive, Havant (Secretary of State - Screening Opinion) Opinion Letter (PDF 117kb) 24 October 2023
Northney Farm, St Peters Road, Hayling Island Opinion Letter (PDF 503 kb) 12 April 2023
Land West of Old Manor Farm, South of Lower Road (Secretary of State - Screening Opinion) Opinion Letter (PDF 183 kb)   28 February 2023
Land between 26-32 Padnell Road, Cowplain, Waterlooville PO8 8DS (Secretary of State - Screening Opinion) Opinion letter (pdf 126kb) 17 February 2023
2022 Proposals    
Land west of Hayling Billy Trail and Long Island, Langstone Harbour, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 142 kb) 18 November 2022
Langstone Technology Park, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 258 kb) 6 April 2022
Unit 100, Dunsbury Park, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 141 kb) 7 April 2022
2021 Proposals    
Land off St Marys Road (Rook Farm) Opinion letter (pdf 190 kb) 5 October 2021
Cabbagefield Row, opposite 123-133 Swanmore Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 84 kb) 20 September 2021
Development of land east of Castle Avenue Opinion letter (pdf 101 kb) 18 February 2021
Southleigh Landfill Site, Emsworth Common Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 183 kb) 21 January 2021
2020 Proposals    
Sparkes Marina, Wittering Road, Hayling Island Opinion letter (pdf 745 kb) 29 September 2020
Land west of Hulbert Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 112 kb) 24 June 2020
Land at Rileys Convenience Store, 22 Rails Lane, Hayling Island Opinion letter (pdf 655 kb) 28 April 2020
2019 Proposals    
Langstone Technology Park Opinion letter (pdf 140 kb) 29 May 2019
Land North of Long Copse Lane, Emsworth Opinion letter (pdf 428 kb) 9 January 2019
2018 Proposals    
Land West of the Crematorium Bartons Road Havant Opinion letter (pdf 260 kb) 1 November 2018
Former Oak Park School, Leigh Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 433 kb) 15 October 2018
Wellington Way, Waterlooville Opinion letter (pdf 409 kb)  23 April 2018
Forty Acres, Havant Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 248 kb) 4 January 2018
2017 Proposals    
Land at Rook Farm Opinion letter (pdf 826 kb) 15 November 2017
Former Colt International Premises, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 389 kb) 16 October 2017
Land at 23 South Street, Emsworth Opinion letter (pdf 125 kb) 3 October 2017
Water Treatment Works, Southmoor Lane, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 239 kb) 3 August 2017
2016 Proposals    
HWRC, Fishery Lane, Hayling Island Opinion letter (pdf 179 kb) 24 August 2016
Bartons Road, Havant Opinion letter (pdf 368 kb) 22 June 2016