Planning refusals

If your planning application is refused and you think that the proposal could be altered to make it more acceptable it can be submitted again with different plans. 

In certain circumstances another application fee may not be needed if the proposal is of a similar nature.

If you intend to submit another application, you should discuss this with the case officer.

Planning permission conditions

Some planning permissions will be granted subject to a condition or conditions that you have to agree certain matters with the council before the scheme is started.

This agreement must be made in writing and you should contact the council as soon as possible and certainly before any work starts.

Please note there will be a fee due to discharge conditions. 

If you do not agree with conditions attached to a planning permission, you could make another application to try and get planning permission without such conditions, however the council will have put the conditions on for a good reason and the alternative to an unconditioned permission is likely to be a refusal of permission.

Unless circumstances have changed since the planning permission was granted it is likely that the conditions will have to remain. You should discuss this with the case officer.

The alternative is to appeal against the conditions by contacting the Planning Inspectorate.