Strategic and other important sites

This page provides signposts to information held on our website in respect of the following sites below.

Dunsbury Park

Latest update: May 2017

In February 2014, Havant Borough Council approved outline planning consent reference APP/12/00338 for the comprehensive development of the site for business and industrial uses and a hotel with conference facilities comprising 61,779 sq. m floorspace. 

The outline consent included a part detailed planning permission for a new access link with bus gate to Woolston Road from Hulbert Road which has subsequently been completed.

The application supporting documents, associated decision notice and legal agreement are available to view on Public Access.

Condition B6 of the original outline consent restricted warehouse uses (Class B8 of the Town & Country Planning Use Classes Order) to no more than 20% of the total business and industrial floorspace (Classes B1, B2 and B8) that can be delivered on site.  This was subsequently varied to 30% under planning permission reference APP/15/00732.

FatFace distribution centre

In December 2015, Havant Borough Council granted Reserved Matters approval reference APP/15/01156 for the construction of an 18,000 sq. m warehouse and distribution building on plot 2 of phase 1. The construction of the new FatFace distribution centre is nearing completion and is due to open later in 2017. 

Transport improvements

Associated work to improve the Asda roundabout (as part of the Dunsbury Park development) was completed end of July 2016.

Southleigh (area between Denvilles and Emsworth)

Latest update: December 2017

Havant Borough Council has identified Southleigh, the land between Denvilles and Emsworth, as suitable for a comprehensive development which would provide much needed infrastructure alongside new housing. It is essential that when large sites are developed, this happens in a comprehensive manner with all the infrastructure planned alongside development. To begin this process, the council commissioned a design workshop led Master Plan for the site, which has now been published.

It establishes key design elements, including:

  • A basic road layout
  • How much and what kind of housing is needed
  • Local shops, facilities and a new school
  • The size, types and location of green spaces.

Resident involvement

Using a government grant, Havant Borough Council engaged the design and master planning experts, Levitt Bernstein, to find out what residents in the area would like the development to be like.

To do this an online questionnaire was available from 30th January to 30th March 2017.

During this time two master plan design workshops for residents also took place. Alongside the Master plan, a Consultation summary has been published which shows how the community helped shaped the master plan.

Southleigh in the Havant Borough Local Plan 2036

The master plan has informed a draft policy for the Southleigh site in the draft Local Plan 2036. The plan proposes about 2,100 homes on the site, together with large areas of green space, a school, local shops and other associated infrastructure. The policy and the master plan together will set the framework for future planning applications, and provide greater certainty to both residents and future developers about what will be expected on the site.

West of Waterlooville

The West of Waterlooville Major Development Area (MDA) is a sustainable urban extension to the south west of Waterlooville.

It has been comprehensively planned, and will provide 3,000 new dwellings, community uses, employment and associated supporting infrastructure.

The MDA abuts Purbrook to the south and Brambles Farm in the north, straddling the boundary with Winchester District. It comprises two key developments known as Berewood which is being delivered by Grainger Plc, and Old Park Farm which is being delivered by Taylor Wimpey Plc.

Only a proportion of the Berewood development is within Havant Borough, with the majority of Berewood and Old Park Farm within Winchester District.

The permission has been largely been completed within the Borough’s administrative area, with a number of phases remaining to be delivered within Winchester District.

Winchester City Council and Havant Borough Council are continuing to work in partnership to ensure that the new community continues to be delivered in a coordinated and timely manner.

An overview of the planning applications for both the Grainger Plc and Taylor Wimpey elements of the scheme (with corresponding planning application references for each authority) is also available to download.

There is a joint committee dealing with MDA planning applications and more information including agendas and minutes.

Woodcroft Farm

Latest update: May 2017

In May 2015, Havant Borough Council granted permission, under reference APP/13/00804, for 288 residential units, the retention of the existing farmhouse, as well as a new access road, diversion of a bridleway, internal road use, associated car parking, open space and landscaping.  This also included works to trees under TPO 1931.

The bridleway has now been diverted as part of the works required for the addition of playing field for the local school. 

The playing field details were referenced under a separate application with Hampshire County Council (HCC).  HBC was asked by HCC to respond to this application; associated info and HBC’s response can be found under planning reference APP/15/00538.