Applications for tree surgery or felling

Responsibility for maintaining trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order remains with the owners of those trees.

When owners or neighbours want to prune or fell a Tree Preservation Order tree they must apply in writing to Planning Development.  Forms are available below:

Content of application for works

Using the council’s application form you must include a plan showing exactly which trees you wish to work on - this need not be to scale.

You must also show exactly what sort of work you wish to carry out to each tree and the reasons why you wish to carry out the work. If possible, take a photograph of the tree and mark on the pruning to be carried out so it is clear what work is applied for.   

Certain types of work also need supporting information. For example, if your  reason is due to safety considerations or damage to property you will need to provide evidence of these problems.

Applications for tree works relating to subsidence must be accompanied by detailed information.

We will write to confirm that we have received your application and will then consider it and let you know the decision within eight weeks (six weeks if your application is for tree works for a tree in a Conservation Area); a site visit is always made by an officer of the council before the decision is made. 

Please note that the council does not encourage or have any powers to enforce a tree owner to make application or undertake works to their trees and that any person can make application for works to a tree, whether or not they are the tree owner.