Sustainability Appraisal

The production of the Local Plan (Core Strategy) has been carried out in tandem with a sustainability appraisal process. The purpose of the sustainability appraisal process is to assess the emerging policies for their performance against environmental, economic and social sustainability criteria, identify performance of policies or proposals and allow for policy amendments or mitigation measures to be implemented. 

The sustainability appraisal process results in the production of reports that accompany each publication stage of the Core Strategy process. The reports detail the sustainability appraisal process undertaken, assess the individual and cumulative effects of policies and proposals, recommend mitigation measures as necessary and establish monitoring mechanisms.  All of the Sustainability Appraisals for the Local Plan (Core Strategy) since 2009 are listed below, with the most recent document first. 

Sustainability Appraisals from 2006 to 2008 (including scoping)