Saved Policies from the Havant Borough District-wide Local Plan

Saved policies from the Havant Borough District-wide Local Plan have been superseded or replaced by policies as each Development Plan document is adopted.  On adoption of the Local Plan (Allocations) on 23 July 2014, these policies were fully superseded.  Appendix 2 of the Adopted Havant Borough Local Plan (Allocations) July 2014 provides further details of how policies have been superseded/deleted. The text below is historical and has been left on the website for reference purposes only. 

Following the adoption of the Core Strategy in March 2011 an updated list of Saved Policies [pdf 165 kb] and their accompanying text, along with a list of Saved Policies that have been superseded [pdf 61kb].

Those saved policies that have been retained and operating simultaneously with the adopted Core Strategy policies until replaced by the Local Plan (Allocations) policies can be viewed here List of policies working in tandem [pdf 57 kb].

The text of the policies that were saved under the Havant Borough District-Wide Local Plan can be viewed at the foot of this page.

These policies will be superseded once the Local Plan (Allocations) is adopted (adopted 23 July 2014).  Policies may have also been deleted, since March 2011 and a commentary on these are provided in the council's Annual Monitoring Reports published in December each year.

The fact a previous Havant Borough District-Wide Local Plan policy no longer applies should not be an indication that the issues are no longer relevant as they may be addressed by the Core Strategy/Allocations Plan or national planning policies.