Previous versions of the Core Strategy

The Submission Core Strategy consists of the Pre-Submission Core Strategy and the Schedule of Changes that have been made by the council to the Core Strategy and the submission documents. The council submitted the Core Strategy to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on Wednesday 2 June 2010.

This schedule sets out the changes that have been made by the council to the Pre-Submission Core Strategy and supporting documents for Submission to the Secretary of State under Regulation 30.  The production of this schedule has removed the need to produce a new set of documents for this stage of the Core Strategy.  The schedule lists all the changes along with the reasons for the changes.  All the changes are very minor and do not materially change the content of the Core Strategy and its supporting documents.

Proposals Map Booklet (pdf)

Map prepared to accompany the submission version and available here as a record of Core Strategy preparation only.

Sustainability Appraisals for the Core Strategy (Regulation 27)

This process assessed the social, economic and environmental implications of different policy options during the preparation of the Core Strategy and comprises three separate documents:

Habitat Regulations Appropriate Assessment (HRA)

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Habitats Regulations Assessment for the Havant Borough Core Strategy.  It follows a screening and scoping exercise, published in June 2009:

Equalities Impact Assessment (pdf) - A new Customer and Equality Impact Assessment has been produced for the Submission Core Strategy. The assessment considers the likely impact of the Submission Core Strategy policies on different groups of people.

Soundness Self Assessment Toolkit (pdf) - The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) self-assessment toolkit assesses the soundness of the Pre-Submission Core Strategy.

Core Strategy Submission Document List (pdf) - A new list and DVD were produced at submission stage to support the Core Strategy. This has been left on the website for information purposes only - the document is no longer hyperlinked to the source material. 

Oversize Representations

When logging the representations made to the Pre-Submission Core Strategy, two consultees included supplementary information that was technically impractical to include in our Schedule of Representations made under Regulation 28(2) to the Pre-Submission Havant Borough Core Strategy database.

This supplementary information relates to the following representations:

Main Issues Raised (pdf) - Published under Regulation 30(1)(e) this document includes a statement of the total number of representations received and a summary of the main issues raised by the representations. 

Consultation Statement (pdf) -Published under Regulation 30(1)(d) this document details who was invited to be involved in the Core Strategy preparation; how they were invited to be involved and a summary of the main issues raised as a result of the consultation and how those main issues have been addressed. Provides a history of the Core Strategy Plan Preparation from the Initial Issues and Options Stage in July 2006 through to Submission.

Evidence Base - The evidence base includes the various studies and reports that support the Core Strategy and the Local Plan.

Official Notice of Submission Copy Advertisement Appearing in the Portsmouth News (pdf) - Copy of formal notice appearing in the Portsmouth Evening News on 25 March 2010.

Statement of the Arrangements for Inspection (pdf) - Formal statement of the viewing arrangements for the submission documents.  This has been left on the website for information purposes only.

South East England Partnership Board letter of conformity with the South East Plan (pdf) -The South East Plan provides the wider context for planning at the strategic level and the council's Core Strategy must be in general conformity with the plan.

Schedule of Representations

Late Representations (pdf) -These representations were received after the closing date.  A copy of these documents were nevertheless forwarded to the Inspector for his consideration.