Sustainability Appraisal and the Allocations Plan

Sustainability Appraisals (SA) are being carried out alongside the development of the Havant Local Plan (Allocations). The SA is a statutory process incorporating the requirements of the European Union Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive.

Local Planning Authorities such as Havant Borough Council use SA to assess local plans against a set of sustainability objectives developed in consultation with local stakeholders and communities. This assessment helps Local Planning Authorities identify the relative environmental, social and economic performance of possible strategic, policy and site options, and to evaluate which of these may be most sustainable.

This document is known as an SA Report. It includes the requirements of an environmental report in accordance with the SEA Directive. Various iterations of the SA have been produced as the Allocations Plan has progressed.  All the documents relating to the Sustainability Appraisal process for the Allocations plan can be viewed below (most recent iteration first).