The Borough of Havant is divided into fourteen 'wards'. Ten of the wards have three elected councillors and the remaining four have just two. Borough councillors each serve a four year term.

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The elected members of Havant Borough Council are subject to a Code of Conduct which governs their behaviour. In simple terms, if a member has an interest they have to declare it at the meeting and then not take part in the proceedings except under special, tightly controlled circumstances. All the declarations are recorded in the minutes of the meeting, and these minutes are public documents - they can be found using our website. 

In addition to this, when elected for the very first time, members have to make a general declaration of all sorts of interests that might affect them when working as a councillor. This declaration is kept on a register which is open to inspection by the public. It is the responsibility of the member concerned to keep their entry up to date.

Anyone wishing to inspect the Register of Members’ Interests may do so at the Civic Offices, Civic Centre Road, Havant during the council’s normal opening hours (Monday to Friday).
Email: or telephone 023 9244 6212 for further information or to arrange an inspection.


Councillors are elected to serve a four year term. With most wards having three councillors, this means that each year one of those councillors is subject to election. In wards where there are only two councillors, there is no election in one of the three years.

The fourth year is reserved for elections to Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire County Councillors

Havant Borough is a "two-tier" local government area. This means that some services (such as education, social services, libraries) are provided by Hampshire County Council.

Borough council wards are combined into county council 'divisions', each of which has a county councillor serving on Hampshire County Council. In addition to your borough councillor, you have the right to contact your relevant county councillor; the list is shown below.

Follow the link from each councillor's name in the list below, to find out what committees they serve on, address, phone number, email address and so on.