Organise a Platinum Jubilee event

If you're looking to organise an event to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, please complete the following application form and return it to This page also includes helpful information for things to consider when organising a street party.

Public Health

The government has removed domestic coronavirus restrictions in England. There are still steps you can take to reduce the risk of catching and spreading coronavirus:

  • get vaccinated
  • let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside
  • consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces

Stay up to date on the latest national coronavirus available on the GOV.UK website.

Food safety advice

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed that one-off events such as street parties aren’t usually considered food businesses, so there are no forms to fill in. However, you must still ensure that any food provided is safe to eat. The FSA website provides more advice about providing safe food at street parties and other community events.

The FSA has also published helpful information specifically about how to safely host a street party.


You may need to apply for a licence if you are selling alcohol, having regulated entertainment or late night refreshment. Please visit our dedicated licensing webpages for more information or contact licensing via or on 023 9244 6660.

Road closures

The deadline for all Jubilee street party road closures has now passed and no new applications will be accepted.

Banners, posters, bunting

If you are planning to use banners, posters or bunting for your event you may need permission to put these up.

If you plan to put up any signs, which maybe attached to lamp columns then permission would be required from Hampshire County Council’s Streetlighting Contractor, contact

If you would like to use any bunting, banners or decorative flags, then please visit the Highways licencing webpage to apply for a licence.

Bouncy castles and other play inflatables: safety advice

Bouncy castles and other play inflatable can be fun however, serious incidents including tragic deaths have occurred where inflatables have collapsed or blown away in windy conditionsIf you are planning to have an bouncy castle or other inflatable play device at your celebration you need to ensure that:

  • You use a reputable company
  • That the bouncy castle/inflatable has had its required annual inspection.  
  • That the bouncy castle/inflatable is correctly setup including use of correct anchoring means
  • Operated in a safe manner following any instructions provided with it.

There is further advice and guidance for the safe use of a bouncy castle or other play inflatable on the Health & Safety Executive website.

Think Green

There are going to be a number of celebrations happening across the borough, so we are encouraging everyone to think about how they can make their event as sustainable as possible.

This could include using social media instead of paper posters, asking everyone to bring their own cups to picnics and tea parties, going plastic free and having dedicated places at the events for people to recycle waste.

Measuring and reducing environmental impact and educating young people about sustainability is a key element of the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant. A Greener Event has also put together a helpful guide to help you make your event a sustainable one.

Eventbrite has a helpful article with more useful tips on how to keep your event sustainable.

Shop local, support local

The facts show that when people shop locally, they are not just supporting their favourite store, but the whole local economy.

The Federation of Small Businesses says that for every £1 spent with a local, independent business, between 50p-70p circulates back into that local economy.

The Platinum Jubilee Emblem 

The official Platinum Jubilee Emblem is available for use in advertising for all Platinum Jubilee activities and celebrations, including community and national events.

Read the full guidance on using the emblem and download it for free from the Royal website. 

Useful Resources

Hampshire County Council has a host of useful information for anyone lookng to organise a street party.

If you organise an event you may wish to register it with Platinum Jubilee.

The government has published guidance including tips, advice and support on organising a street party.

The Street Party Site, also has a range of useful guidance and resources for planning your street party.

If you are planning to put on an event in you local community, you may find this Pageant Pack as a helpful guide. It is full of ideas on what types of events or activities you could organise, a handy checklist to help you think of everything and even some suggestions on how to ensure your event can have a lasting impact.

Further questions

If you have any further questions or would like to speak to someone about organising an event in Havant Borough, please email Kate Pontin, Community Officer,