Old Bedhampton Conservation Area Review 2019

What is a Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan?

The purpose of a Character Appraisal and Management Plan is to:

  • Record and analyse the special interest of the Conservation area;
  • Recognise the designated and non-designated heritage assets within the conservation area (i.e. listed buildings/structures and un-listed historic buildings/structures of merit);
  • Identify issues relating to conditions and detracting features, as well as opportunities of enhancement; and
  • Set out action plan with guidance and recommendation for the positive management, preservation and enhancement of the Conservation Area.

Review of the Old Bedhampton Conservation Area

Havant Borough Council is undertaking an official review of the character and extent of the Old Bedhampton conservation area.

With a strong architectural focus, key changes that were recently consulted on were:

  1. The inclusion of Bidbury Mead into the conservation area
  2. The inclusion of the Old School and its surroundings into the conservation area
  3. The need for future research and consultation on the land east of the Mill Complex

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The comments received are now being analysed. The review of the Conservation Area will be considered by the Cabinet and Full Council in due course.

The last Character Appraisal of the Old Bedhampton Conservation Area was undertaken in 1994.