Swinging back safely into the borough’s play areas

Thursday, 9 July, 2020

If you are planning to swing by any of the 36 play areas in the borough, please do so safely.

Play areas, skate parks and outdoor gyms are now being reopened and Havant Borough Council wants to ensure you and your children enjoy using them.

Information signs are being installed with guidance on how to use the areas safely, but if you are planning a visit, please bring hand sanitiser with you and clean your hands thoroughly before and after use.

Social distancing should be maintained, staying two metres from other people where possible.  In areas where this cannot be achieved, we are asking families to wait outside the play areas for their turn to play.   

Food and drink should not be brought in or eaten in the play area and we kindly ask that you dispose of any rubbish responsibly.

Councillor Alex Rennie, Cabinet Lead for Communications, said: “Play areas and outside gyms have been one of the last things to open, because the risk of transmission of the virus is likely to be higher in these areas, given how much shared contact there is between the equipment.

“Our top priority is to keep people safe and we will continue to work with our partners Norse South East, to ensure each play area is cleaned on a weekly schedule but we are unable to make sure the equipment is disinfected after every use so parents are advised to take their own measures to keep children safe. This includes wiping down equipment before it’s used and making sure children wash their hands before and after using it.”

More information about the reopening of council-owned play areas can be found on our webpage.