Renewed purpose with updated Corporate Strategy

Thursday, 24 August, 2017

Havant Borough Council strives for excellence with updated Corporate Strategy portraying a compelling vision for the future in support of the Local Plan 2036.

The council has updated its strategy in a bold move to shape council services and further the prosperity of the borough.

Councillors and management have together created a five step strategy which prioritises economic growth, public service excellence, financial sustainability, creativity and innovation, as well as environmental sustainability.

With work continuing towards the Local Plan 2036, the strategy complements this comprehensive look at the future needs of the borough.

A key aim of this updated strategy is to provide clear leadership and solutions to meet challenges presented through economic uncertainty and changing demands on local government.

Councillor Tony Briggs, Acting Leader of Havant Borough Council, said: “As a council we are always striving to improve our services for residents and this update has provided an optimum opportunity to ensure we’re on track.

“With more changes afoot we must maintain optimum progress in the face of huge financial, economic and social challenges.”

The Corporate Strategy informs annual business and budget planning for the council. For further details follow the link: