Leader of Havant Borough Council to take a sabbatical

Wednesday, 19 July, 2017

The Leader of Havant Borough Council has announced today that he will be taking a sabbatical starting 1 August 2017, in order for him to focus on his keen interest in History.

Councillor Michael Cheshire MBE, Conservative Leader since May 2014 plans to return in five months from 1st January 2018, but having full access to the internet will enable him to maintain his responsibilities as a Ward Councillor.

Chief Executive, Sandy Hopkins said “Councillor Cheshire has been dedicated in driving economic growth and financial sustainability within the council and we fully support him taking this needed time to enhance his knowledge of History and public speaking. We look forward to his return at the start of next year.”

In the interim, leader duties will be undertaken by deputy leader Councillor Tony Briggs, with other cabinet members changing some of their roles and responsibilities. 

Over the next few weeks Councillor Cheshire will be working closely with his cabinet to ensure and orderly transition for this interim period which is also part of a seamless succession plan for the future.


CABINET LEADS – 1st August – 31 December

Councillor Tony Briggs : Acting Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Corporate Strategy,  Devolution, Finance and NORSE with specific responsibility for: Waste & Recycling Strategy & Management (including Project Integra), Vehicle Workshop and Fleet Management.

Councillor Michael Wilson : Acting Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Environmental Services with specific responsibility for: Environmental Health (Including food safety), Environmental Protection, Health and Safety, Housing Enforcement (Including DFGs), Licensing, Pest Control and Animal Welfare, Parking Strategy/Management & Traffic Management, shared parking review, All Public Realm Enforcement (Rangers) including dog fouling and litter dropping, Travellers, Sustainable Transport & Implementation (Strategy and Capital Projects), Community Safety (except Safer Havant Partnerships), CCTV, Open Spaces (including Recreation and Cemeteries), Street Care and Beachlands.

Councillor David Guest : Cabinet Lead for Economy, Planning and Development , Prosperity Havant with specific responsibility for: Development Services, Planning Policy and Urban Design, Local Development  Framework, Development Management Committee, Design Champion, Regional &  Sub-Regional Planning, Building Control, Planning, Housing Development, Coastal Management, Sustainability &Climate Change, Property Management, Asset Management and External Strategic  Contract Negotiation and Management, strategic housing, strategic property advice, investment, Plaza (strategic), Economic Development, Business Support.

Councillor Narinder Bains : Cabinet Lead for Marketing and Business Development, Five Councils with specific responsibility for: Marketing, Communications, Branding, Customer Insight, Business Transformation and Change Management (including Agile working), Customer Services and Internal Strategic Contract Negotiation and Management, website/ICT, service futures, channel shift.

Councillor Lulu Bowerman : Cabinet Lead for Governance and Organisational Development with specific responsibility for: Legal Services, Democratic Services, Councillor training and development, Elections, Audit and Governance, Revenue and Benefits, Facilities Management (including the Cafe), HR, Learning and Development, Access and Equalities, Plaza (operational) .

Councillor Leah Turner : Cabinet Lead for Communities and Housing, with specific responsibility for: Housing Enabling, Arts, Sport, Community Development, Leisure, Leisure Strategy, and Health and Wellbeing Strategy, culture champion, Safer Havant Partnerships,  Special Events .

Councillor Tim Pike : Cabinet Lead for Strategic Innovation, Infrastructure and Projects with specific responsibility for : Innovation - 4th Industrial Revolution, New approach to Service Delivery, Liaison with Schools, Colleges and Universities;  Strategic Projects – Infrastructure with Town Centre regeneration at Waterlooville, Havant Town, Hayling Island and Leigh Park; Development of Strategic Sites at Denvilles/Emsworth, Impact of Brexit, borrowing to acquire property for investment, Tourism.