Have your say on Scratchface Lane

Friday, 13 December, 2019

Havant Borough Council is keen to hear the opinions of residents in the Bedhampton area on how Scratchface Lane open space can be enjoyed all year round.

The open space is affected by localised drainage issues that make the site boggy and unsuitable to use during winter months.

Residents are invited to attend an exhibition, being held in Bedhampton Methodist Church, Hulbert Road, Bedhampton, on Monday 16 December, to hear the options available and to cast their vote on what could happen next.

The event is open to all from 4pm-7pm with presentations being held at 4.30pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm that will give residents a chance to hear detailed information on the potential outcomes for the land.

Andrew Biltcliffe, Havant Borough Council’s head of regeneration (south) said: “This land, owned by the council, is a very popular open space, used by people of all ages.  Unfortunately, for many months of the year, the ground becomes very wet and boggy.  We have identified an opportunity to fix this issue so that the open space becomes available to use all year round.

“We encourage local residents to come along and hear the options that are available to us, and vote on their preferred choice.”

The four options for residents to vote on include the installation of drainage pipes, bringing soil onto the site to create new land shapes or better sports facilities, or to just leave the open space as it is.

Any potential work would be expected to take up to nine months to complete. The options would be subject to a planning application being submitted, approved and the works being funded.