Havant Borough Council supports new ID cards for veterans

Thursday, 21 March, 2019

Havant Borough Council has supported a new ID card for armed forces veterans.

Former servicemen are eligible for various benefits but there is currently no quick and easy way for them to prove they are veterans.

The Ministry of Defence’s card will help public sector services and charities to recognise the those who have served their country.

Havant Borough Council has signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, a voluntary statement of mutual support between a civilian community and its local veterans.

Councillor Gary Hughes, Havant Borough Council's Armed Forces Covenant Representative and Royal Navy veteran, welcomed the news of the new ID card.  He said: “These cards will acknowledge the commitment and dedication of those who have served our country. I hope they can provide ex-service personnel with a vital link to access their local community and essential services.”

The card will not be held by all veterans as it is being rolled out in tranches. The absence of a veterans ID card should not be seen as proof that a person is not a veteran and existing verification methods should be used in that case.

For more information go to the website: www.veterans-uk.info