Hatch a plan for your Easter recycling

Thursday, 18 April, 2019

Unscramble your recycling this Easter by putting the correct items in your recycling bin.

Easter cards, envelopes and cardboard packaging are all welcome, whereas gift wrap, foil and plastic packaging are not and should be put in your black lidded waste bin.

Each year, removing incorrect items from recycling costs time and money, and sometimes whole lorry loads of recycling are rejected because they contain high quantities of the wrong things.

If your recycling bin is full, extra items can be placed alongside in either a cardboard box or untied plastic sack to be collected. Don’t forget, all recycling needs to be clean, loose and dry to be of use.

Items that can be recycled are as follows:

  • Plastic bottles – all types including milk, fruit juice, squash, mineral water, household cleaners and detergent bottles.  Should be empty, rinsed and with lids removed.
  • Paper and cardboard – newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, phone books, catalogues, envelopes, other paper products and cardboard packaging.
  • Cans – food tins and drinks cans. Should be empty, rinsed and not squashed or pierced.
  • Aerosols – deodorants, hair sprays, air fresheners and furniture polish. Products such as insecticides, oven cleaners, paints and automotive sprays – often marked with a skull and cross bones or a black cross on an orange background – are not accepted and should be placed in waste bins for disposal. 

For a full recycling guide please see our recycling pages.

There will be no change to rubbish and recycling collection days over the Easter Bank Holiday.