Get your recycling right – wrapping is rubbish

Wednesday, 19 December, 2018

The festive period presents some challenges as to what can and cannot be recycled. Havant Borough Council is urging residents to get recycling right by placing the correct items into the correct bins.

Did you know that you can’t recycle wrapping paper? The same goes for cards with glitter or decorative items on them.

Remove any sticky tape, ribbons or bows before placing items in your recycling bin. Be careful to remove any plastic sections from packaging e.g. see-through panels on the front of toy packaging. These can’t be recycled, but we definitely want the cardboard, recyclable sections.

Anyone who orders items online will find they have plenty of cardboard at this time of year, so please recycle that too.  

We ask that all recycled items are clean, loose and dry. Items that can be recycled are as follows;

  • Plastic bottles - all types e.g. milk, fruit juice, squash, mineral water, household cleaners and detergent bottles.  Please remove lids and empty and rinse all bottles.
  • Paper/Cardboard - newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, phone books, cardboard, catalogues, envelopes, other paper products and cardboard packaging can be included.
  • Cans - food tins, drinks cans, aerosols (empty, with the plastic lids removed, can should not be pierced or squashed). Most empty aerosol cans such as deodorants, hair sprays air fresheners and furniture polish can be accepted in recycle bins. However, aerosols for products such as insecticides, oven cleaners, paints and automotive sprays – often marked with a skull and cross bones or a black cross on an orange background – are not accepted and should be placed in normal household waste bins for disposal.

Councillor Gary Hughes, Cabinet lead for Contracts and Commercial Services said “In addition, Norse South East, on behalf of Havant Borough Council will collect one additional bag of waste from each household over the Christmas and New Year period. This is to help residents with the amount of rubbish produced per household in the borough during the festive period. Extra recycling can be placed in a clear plastic bag or an untied carrier bag next to your recycling bin (as is the case the whole year through).”  

Did you know?

Sorting out incorrect items from recycling costs time and money, and sometimes whole recycling bins and lorry loads have to be rejected if they contain high quantities of the wrong things.