Extra reminders to help residents keep up-to-date with their Council Tax

Thursday, 11 July, 2019

Voicemail, email and text reminders are the latest measures being introduced by Havant Borough Council to help people keep on top of their Council Tax.

The new system will be available from 15 July 2019 and will help residents avoid falling behind with their Council Tax payments.

The council sends reminders to residents prior to undertaking recovery proceedings for non-payment. Those contacted are requested to make payment of part or all of the arrears or, if unable to, may be offered a revised payment arrangement.

The aim of the electronic alerts is to prevent anyone falling behind with their payments, as reminders are sent out on the lead-up to the agreed payment date.  

It is hoped the additional reminders will reduce the need to take recovery action, whilst reducing the use of paper, saving postage costs and increasing the council’s council tax collection rate.

Councillor Leah Turner Cabinet lead for Finance said: “The introduction of these alerts will assist our residents by reminding them when payment is due.

“We intend to treat everyone fairly when it comes to the collection of council tax. If anyone is having any problems paying it is really important they contact the council urgently so that we can see what we can do to help.

“We are also keen to help people who may be in debt or struggling financially and work closely with Citizens Advice and other organisations that can provide help."