Eligible residents can decide how they want to receive their £150 Energy Rebate

Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

£150 Energy Rebate payments are ready for the 43,000 eligible Havant borough households in bands A to D (and people in band E homes who receive Disabled Persons Relief) and there are a few ways they can receive it.

Customers who pay by direct debit (whose bank account details matched the information on Havant Borough Council, council tax files) have already been issued with their payment. £4.6million have now been issued to 31,000 eligible households.

Residents who do not pay their council tax by direct debit, or direct debit payment details have not matched, should receive a letter in the next week, explaining how they can apply, and if needed, how to access support to make the application. The online form is now available and can be completed now to claim the rebate through the HBC website. The deadline for forms to be completed is Monday 13 June.

To complete the form, householders will need their council tax reference number (from a recent bill) and bank details.

Any eligible households who cannot be paid the rebate directly will have a £150 deduction applied to their council tax bill, and a new bill issued, after the online form closes.

Councillor Tony Denton, HBC cabinet lead for Finance, said:

“We’ve been able to issue a large proportion of these rebates quickly to our direct debit customers and I’m proud of our progress so far.

“Every eligible home will receive this rebate, but this is more a question of whether they would prefer to have the cash in their hands or pay less in the longer term through their council tax bills.

“I encourage anyone who wants a direct payment and hasn’t received it already to apply now.”

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