Crackdown on feeding time

Wednesday, 5 July, 2017

Havant Borough Council is advising residents and shoppers not to feed pigeons that congregate in town centre areas.

Joining forces with Waterlooville town centre businesses and local residents, Havant Borough Council is about to launch a poster campaign which advises visitors about the perils of attracting the attentions of the birds to the area.

Officers are seeking to persuade those that are currently feeding the pigeons up to four kilos of bird seed twice a day, to stop doing so.

If these warnings are not heeded the council will be seeking to issue those responsible with Community Protection Notices (CPNs) effectively banning the feeding of birds in certain areas. Breaches of these CPNs can lead to the issue of a £80 fixed penalty notice.

Cabinet Lead for Environment, Councillor Tony Briggs, said: “Pigeons are a real nuisance because of the way their droppings make a mess on shops, street furniture and - sometimes it lands on people too. We have also received reports these birds are roosting on local residents’ balconies which is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the area. We want to discourage anyone who deliberately feeds them in anyway.

“Our officers have seen for themselves the shocking impact these birds are having on residents’ lives. It is simply not right that people should have to put netting over their windows to keep them out. Dealing with the nuisance caused by pigeons in the London Road Precinct area is also the number one issue for retailers”