Letting the grass grow during No Mow May

At several parks and open green spaces across the borough, the lawnmowers will be stopped so wildflowers can bloom, as part of the national campaign to encourage pollinators and biodiversity.

Helping to make the environment better as we progress through spring, nine green areas across the Borough of Havant have been identified to create wildlife-friendly patches in support of the national campaign ‘No Mow May’.

Norse South East, who maintain open spaces on behalf of Havant Borough Council, will be leaving the sites to grow wild by not cutting the grass during May to help create havens for wildlife.

Green spaces in the following areas will contribute to No Mow May:

  • Nursery Road, Bedhampton
  • Padnell Park, Cowplain
  • Snowberry Crescent, Denvilles
  • Emsworth Park, Emsworth
  • Hayling Park, Hayling Island
  • Hermitage Stream, Leigh Park
  • Fielders Park, Purbrook
  • Jubilee Park, Waterlooville
  • Widley Gardens, Widley

Once No Mow May is completed it is our aim to check the growth of the sites listed above and potentially leave them to grow naturally through to August or September.

The borough’s No Mow May will help many creatures flourish that a lot of people don’t often think about – including bees, which help pollinate every crop that is the food source of humans. As well as bees, the campaign also aims to support the lifecycles of other pollinators, including butterflies and moths, hoverflies and some soldierflies.

Havant Borough Council is also encouraging residents to take part in No Mow May at home. Local gardeners are urged to leave the lawnmower or strimmer in the shed for a month to see what blossoms and which pollinators visit.

According to Plantlife, organisers of No Mow May, a three-acre meadow can be home to nine million flowers producing enough nectar to support ½ million bees every day.

No Mow May is a national initiative by conservation charity Plantlife. For more information, visit www.plantlife.org.uk.

More information about the grass cutting schedule across the borough can be found on our website here