Regulatory requirements

Sustainability Appraisal

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the Draft Havant Borough Local Plan 2036 has been carried out.  The SA Scoping Report (June 2016), along with the Sustainability Appraisals for the Local Plan Housing Statement, can also be found below.

Habitat Regulation Assessment

Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) tests whether a plan or a project is likely to have a significant negative impact on any:

  • Special Protection Area – a European designation which protects birds.
  • Special Area of Conservation – a European designation which protects habitats.
  • Ramsar site – a European designation which protects wetlands.

Integrated Impact Assessment

An Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) is a process for considering the impact on society of the proposals, particularly considering our duties under the Equalities Act (2010).  It assesses the impact of proposed strategies and policies on equality and diversity issues.  Two IIAs have been produced, one for the Draft Local Plan 2036 and the other for the CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule. These IIAs are available on request.  Please note that an IIA is also available for the Local Plan Housing Statement on request.