Site specific infrastructure delivery statement

The Local Plan Housing Statement (LPHS) was adopted by Full Council on 7 December 2016.

Cabinet insisted on 16 November 2016 that urgently needed infrastructure must be provided alongside new homes and, as such, plans to lobby central government to ensure this happens.  This notion was supported by Full Council on 7 December 2016.

Under Guiding Principle 4 of the LPHS, all housing proposals on sites outside of the urban area (as defined by Policies CS17 and AL2), including the sites identified by Table 2 of the LPHS, will be expected to be accompanied by a comprehensive Infrastructure Delivery Statement (IDS).

Infrastructure Delivery Statements (IDS) are required for the council to consider the principle of residential development favourably on those sites where there is justification to make a departure from Policies CS17 and AL2 of the Adopted Local Plan.