Licensing information

Alcohol and entertainment

The Licensing Act 2003, governs the licensing of premises and individuals involved with 'licensable activities' which include the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainments and the provision of late night refreshment. 

If any licensable activities are undertaken or provided, one or more of the following may be required:

  • A premises licence for where any licensable activity takes place
  • A club premises licence where 'qualifying clubs' use club premises for 'qualifying club activities
  • A temporary event notice used for limited basis temporary events involving licensable activities at premises that do not have a premises licence
  • A personal licence required by an individual wanting to supply or allow the supply of alcohol at premises holding a premises licence.

Charities collections

HBC licenses three types of charitable collections:

  • House-to-house collections
  • Street collections
  • Society lotteries (raffles). 

It is important to obtain a licence where appropriate as it is an offence to hold collections for certain lotteries without one. 

Explosives licensing including fireworks

Hampshire County Council provides information about the Fireworks Act, changes in law, licensing and registration, firework safety and the sale of fireworks. 

Gambling Act 2005

Generally, gambling is unlawful in Great Britain (other than the National Lottery and spread betting) unless permitted by one or more of the authorisations from the Gambling Act 2005 (including remote gambling i.e. on-line). 

If any commercial gambling activities or facilities are undertaken or provided, one or more of the following may be required:

  • An operator licence for provision of facilities for gambling and/or the manufacture, installation, repair or adaptation of  gaming machines or gambling software
  • A personal licence for specified staff of those holding an operator licence and/or performing any function which may influence the outcome of gambling, or relating to receipt or payment of money in connection with gambling
  • A premises licence for fixed premises rather than online (remotely) where gambling takes place
  • A permit when providing various types of gaming machines. 

Operator and personal licenses are issued by the Gambling Commission whilst licensing authorities issue premises licences and permits and refer to three licensing objectives.

The Act sets out two categories of organisations and individuals that may feature in applications for and reviews of premises licences, responsible authorities and interested parties. Interested parties are as described in the Gambling Act Statement of Policy.

Responsible authorities are public bodies that must be notified of applications and that are entitled to make representations to the licensing authority in relation to applications for, and in relation to, premises licences.

S.157 of the Act identifies the bodies that are to be treated as responsible authorities.

Hackney carriage and private hire

Hackney carriage or private hire licences are required by the driver, for the vehicle and by the person or company who takes the bookings (operator).  Hackney carriages can be hailed in the street but private hire vehicles (commonly referred to as minicabs) have to be pre-booked. 

These licences cover the provision of a vehicle and driver for hire which includes not only the ordinary 'taxi' but also airport runs, corporate journeys, limousine and classic vehicle hire. 

The only exemption is the use of vehicles for weddings and funerals.

Hampshire County Council highways licences

Licences available from Hampshire County Council include: to place a skip on, erect scaffolding or a structure on, to cultivate or excavate part of, to erect banners, hang cables or decorative lights on or over, to excavate to install apparatus and to deposit materials on the highway.

Other licence applications 

There are some licences which HBC issue that do not fall under any particular subject area.  These are:

  • Static caravan sites
  • Sex shops
  • Scrap metal dealers