Leigh Park Regeneration Project 2017

There is a long history of council documents and ideas to improve and regenerate Leigh Park which have had varying levels of success in terms of actual delivery. These include

Most recently (2014) the Staunton Surgery local GP practice commissioned a feasibility study to look at the potential to create a new health and community facility at the existing community centre site in Leigh Park Centre.  At the time additional funding was not found and the ideas were put on hold.

The health and community centre idea was excellent and the council has pursued it by submitting a successful bid to the Governments Estate Regeneration Fund

The council has been awarded £340,000. This will be used to engage the community including the other landowners in the project and commission specialist consultants who can create a scheme that would provide a new building that meets the needs of the existing users of the publicly owned buildings now and into the future.

Whatever the scheme emerges from the process it must be financially viable into the future and housing development will be part of the project to both meet the housing need in the borough and provide capital funding for the project.

Public involvement is central to the project. This webpage, Facebook and Twitter will be the best way of keeping up to date and providing a way for you to express your views.