Havant Town Centre transformation

Havant town centre has changed significantly over the last decade and will continue to change along with our shopping and leisure habits. Solent Road and Havant Retail Park thrive, whilst the Market Parade area creates a poor perception to the many rail users. West Street, North Street and the Meridian Centre continue to provide a good shopping experience but could be better.

The council has previously commissioned plans to regenerate the town centre and the linked Civic Campus area with varying levels of success in terms of implementation:

Havant Borough Council has secured funding through One Public Estate Funding (OPE) to commission a feasibility study for the development potential of the Civic Campus area. This will focus on the redevelopment of car parks and other public buildings that are likely to be rationalised in the near to explore the options for redevelopment. A key aspect of this work will be demonstrating the links between the Civic Campus – Havant College - Market Parade and the rest of the town centre.