Hackney carriage and private hire licences

Coronavirus update

During the current coronavirus outbreak, licensing requirements have changed for hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.

Hackney carriage and private hire

You need a licence to drive a taxi (sometimes called a hackney carriage) or a private hire vehicle.

You need an operator’s licence to run a taxi or private hire vehicle company.

Taxis can be flagged down in the street or they can pick up from taxi ranks. They must have an illuminated roof sign and a yellow identification plate on the rear of the vehicle. Fares are metered.

Private hire vehicles must be pre-booked through a private hire operator. They must have a green identification on the rear of the vehicle. They can set their own fares.

All licensed drivers and vehicles must undergo stringent checks to ensure that the travelling public are provided with a safe, comfortable and reliable service.

Licensing a vehicle

Before a vehicle can be licensed it has to be of a model and age acceptable to the council and have passed a mechanical inspection at the council depot.

The vehicle must be no more than 5 years old, taken from the date on the registration document.

The licensing department provides a list of models of vehicles it has accepted for licensing and is willing to examine any vehicle that may be appropriate.

The license will last for a year from the date of issue.

Changing your licensed vehicle

If you change the vehicle on your licence for another vehicle during the year, a new licence for the vehicle would be issued with a new expiry date, generally a year from the date of issue. The full fee would be charged.

Selling your licensed vehicle

If you sell your licensing vehicle, you are required to notify the Licensing Department in writing of the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle has been transferred to. This must be done within 14 days of the transfer.

If you surrender your licence, there is currently no provision for refunds on the unused portion.

Having an accident in your licensed vehicle

If the accident affects the appearance, performance or safety of the use of which it is licensed, you must report the accident to the council as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within 72 hours of the accident.

Failure to do so may jeopardise any insurance claim.

If you need to contact the Licensing Team, please use the contact us form online or email licensing@havant.gov.uk.